I made a tier list


the italian super retard

I did this based on:
Fun you have while playing
Bp amount you can get
Fairness of the Gamemode
The meme value


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This is mine


S tier = Godness mods but... Mystery Map is a strange mode that I put on S because I like the RNG trash map so ye...
A tier = Ok modes... Parkour Fortress was good and Smash is good aswell but we need delete minigun and rocket launcher...
B tier = Nice modes but not Ok... VSH, SZF needs attention and Gungame was fun but now die
C tier = Meeh modes so CW, Freeze Tag, Team Battles and Tank Race was not bad because we can use Music Coin eks de
D tier = Not quite good modes BM still beta so not good, DR some map can play music coin some not, PH is booooring as well with DR and Randomizer is wut
Z tier = Hell tier Combat surf is ded admit it, Glass Attack is cancer and trihard and the last THE FAMOUS ONE T F D B because of Z is quite simple... fix range airblast, Gaben now, TFDB coin combo and much more trash.

Reminder... VSH rewrite is not FF2


the italian super retard
That's a nice tier list Paw!


Getting started

Some explanations/comments
Deathrun: Lives and dies by the playerbase at the moment. Shined with LNDR in particular, dull when the server is full of introverts who would rather play other modes.
STT: The gamemode has actually grown onto me, The departure from the usual payload formula warps the whole thing into having more of a fast and enjoyable experience. Only major problems are class limits and giant rng.
Combat Surf: A- assuming Engineers have the ability to build, B otherwise.
Randomizer: A- assuming its on an Arena map, C otherwise.
Tf2ware2: Better minigames than Microtf2.
Super Zombie Fortress: Lets be honest, this mode is pretty much carried by Alex maps and Isaac. Large amounts of rng that can be downright cruel at times (no hitscan spawns at the start or tank spawns with a low amount of survivors) and oppressive mechanics (Airblasting on certain maps where getting blasted into a pit kills and certain special infected like hunter and charger) often leads to an experience that leaves you wanting to hop off the server more times than not, especially on maps like expedition. If Zombie Fortress was on the list (aka not SZF and generally survival focused), that one would be A Tier.
PVE: Good concept, the problem is its not that fun if the meta is having the majority of the team play heavies and heavies probably have the lowest skill expression of any class by far, which means if you're abiding by the meta and likely playing heavy, you probably won't be having a lot of fun.
Bombermod: Revenge mechanic is a huge mood killer along with the lack of explosion range clarity resulting in suicides.
Team Battles: Both Balloon Race and Wacky Races are fun maps, the rest lose their magic after the first couple times you play them.
Dodgeball: The more I play this, the more my brain regresses.
Stop That Spycrab: Carried by being a meme.
Tank Race: Still not an enjoyable mode to play even if I appreciate STT now. This is the gamemode I would almost always choose to remove if I was given a choice to trash one gamemode since I believe that it brings no appeal to the server.
Prophunt: Worse gamemode on Redsun, the premise of it just does not work out as it is.


Warming up
wtf everyone has trash taste
S: Versus Saxton Hale , Microtf2 , Super Zombie Fortress
A: Slender Fortress , Deathrun , Dodgeball
B: Surf , Jump , Mystery map (because boss_robotnik loool)
C: PVM, Mvm (Machines attack), Parkour Fortress
D: Stop that tank,Tank race,Gungame
E: Fortwars,Smash fortresss
F: Glass Attack,Freeze tag,Team Battles
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S: MicroTF2
A: Dodgeball
B: Dodgeball when Star is on, Deathrun, Smash
Shit Tier: Everything else

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anyone that likes the awful mess that is ff2 needs a large dose of poison, that mode is awful to play and awful to decode the spaghetti code that is the garbage that it is

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Comm. Manager

reasonings for low-tiers (i can give some for high-tier if people ask):

combat surf/skill surf: surf is a generally unfriendly to new players gamemode in most areas imo. if a random plays it, i honestly doubt they're going to take the time to watch a video on how to play it. seems more targeted towards people who actually play surf than someone who's never played before. that obviously doesn't apply to skill surf since you know what you're getting into
deathrun: eh. i've played practically every map so many times that it's just kinda gotten boring to do the same thing over and over. also kind of annoying whenever people just freerun for badges instead of actually being death :v
boss battles: it's kind of gotten stale over the years imo. like waifers said, playing the exact same class every single time just to win gets really boring and unfun real fast. i really do wish there was a change in meta that allowed for making playing different classes a bit more easy, but as is, it's just a bit meh.
randomizer: i like this a bit, however the bugs as is make it a bit too annoying to play. if they were fixed, i'm sure it'd be a lot nicer, but broken weapons among some other issues make it pretty grating to play at times.

glass attack: it's just a sniper war. the concept is kinda dull, and rarely do i see anyone play this without getting sick of it after 3-5 rounds. i don't remember if team scramble ever got enabled in this mode, but if it didn't, often times one team will always win every single time unless there's a blue moon out.
prophunt: honestly a snorefest for both hunters and props, unless you're like the last man or something. as a hunter, you shoot at every single inanimate object until something happens. as a prop, you sit in one spot for the entire game and do nothing until you inevitably get found. or just sit there and die.
tfkart: considering tf2's kart physics, and some other issues, this isn't too fun to play, at least from what i remember with the rewrite tests and other various tests. collisions are also enabled, making movement increasingly difficult at all times when you keep donking into walls or someone else.

freeze tag: a mode with an incredibly limited mapcycle and large amounts of stomps by one single team. gets very unfun real fast once the team that gets stomped starts leaving. i don't remember team scramble being enabled in this mode?? maybe i'm wrong though
jailbreak: it's jailbreak. if this ever gets on here i'm going to blow my brains out
slender fortress: see above, but replace jailbreak with slender fortress
freak fortress 2: a homage to shitty bosses, bad code and some of the worst community servers i've ever played on. i sure do love getting killed by the boss with the most overpowered rages and specials for the 500th time, including such bosses as 50 different versions of sans
smash fortress: as is, this mode is one of my least favorites to play on red sun. getting knocked out from across the map is somehow the easiest thing in the world as any class, and some classes are far too overpowered to be countered by almost anything. heavy with his 'send you across the map' minigun, pyro with his 'good luck meleeing me or getting even remotely close to me' flamethrower, and scout with his 'i just shot you from 2 miles away and you still died' scattergun. just generally blegh to play and some maps make it absolutely painful

anyways, i'm done ranting/giving reasoning, i'm going to hide in a hole before i get the shit beaten out of me