i guess i'll do one

All Mights Ass Cheeks

Im a lucio main
Hey, I'm all mights ass cheeks in-game and I used to go by nebby a while back. I have been playing on these servers for 4 years so I'm not a new player and I am now deemed a regular member by coco and a couple of other people, I'm usually on during the whole week just not all the time.

so if you see me on the server don't be afraid to say hi

Forged Identity

the man who says nyeh
congrats on signing up to the forums! someone bring this man the obligatory regretti spaghetti.


Redsun.tf's Patented Moron
i have been signed up since 2016 i just never post
i mean, i've been signed up recently, but found the server through someone else playing and the server is well populated (mostly in the evening for where i live) and you are one of those i see a lot on the EU server