How to have friends?


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I have problems about have friends, because to shy. I have such problem because begin bully and now I shut up and having trust issues (because there is more past episode), now I'm writing because I'm more comfort writing instead of talking. My problem is having a friend is like having somebody that you need your attention, but I don't need any attention or give you more attention and be afraid that my friend just backstab you bulling me or making fun of me.

So that's why I have 0 friends on Steam, and it's not good for my psychology and for my health.

Any suggestion...? (ignore them = ignore everyone how can I trust one person...) Tried post this on Reddit, they just "I have same issue dude you are not alone you need more confident and talk more" bulls**t suggestion that doesn't work I don't need moral support.

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Hm, depends on if you're better having friends in online then irl friends around your area which is always the case for almost everyone in the internet. Also i get with the moral support shit even though being confident and trying to talk often will get you friends but just rarely getting "true" friends.

Also you can make friend around redsun'sss discord (if you like to dump your sanity in a pool of hungry eating autism all the time.) Now look, i was kinda like you except i was weirdly craving for friends for steam for some odd reason from like.... 3-4 years ago and it's not really worth it because i never got used to them or hanging around much and it's full of dead people that may have quit tf2 or left steam for good till they reopen it.

the point is in my opinion, being friends with people in the internet and online can be very tricky if you want them to be truly a friend and not damaging your health even further, making you in a cesspool of doubt and fear, not trusting anything or any living being. But it doesn't have to all of that..... depressing stuff, you can try being friends with people around a community that shares the same interests or hobbies like you, i'm sure everyone have done that in their lifes since communities exist to coexist and trust each other, even if they are not trusting each other. For good or for worse, it's just how life works being an unpredictable shitstorm so if i was you, i'll do something with just a single hobby that connects to thousands of communities that shares the same thing BUT LAST THING I SWEAR, yeah take things with a grain of salt when you're trying to interact with people because there are always that one crazy or horrible person in a community, not saying you should get paranoid to people but just watch out for obvious bad thing.

i regret redoing this.

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reddit is full of brain dead idiots, take advice from there with at least one bag of salt, if not more

however to answer your question, there is no set way to "make friends" - I'm well into adulthood and have been friendless for what you could say is my entire life, and the only thing to blame is the genetic lottery for sticking me with some real stealth nerfs.

If you've ever had friends, ever had a girlfriend or whatever, you're doing a lot better than I ever have. Trust me on that.