Red Sun Kart Hi, I'm gonna try to unfuck rsk.


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This can only go badly, but I'm gonna try to make rsk more playable. Squish bugs, Improve item stats, etc.

Another problem is that there aren't a lot of maps, making it stale real quick. That's where some of you can come in.

I've made a quick prefab with allllll the things you'll need to make a map for rsk. (Download Here)

ETA: who the fuck knows, I'm making no promises if I'll every fully fix this.

If you have any suggestions, throw them in this thread, ty.

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  • Remove collisions OR make the hits like in Mario Kart where it just pushes you a bit and not in the stratosphere like it does now.
  • Shorten the stun time as it is EXTREMELY annoying by the fact that it feels way too long.
  • Make items dissapear after some time spent (Having above 8 players and seeing 30 bananas on your road isn't really cool to have)
  • Make the speed after a stun a bit faster to recover so you don't get completly fucked up by one item.
  • When starting the gamemode, have something like VSH so the first round isn't instantly the beggining of the race as some pepole would have an advantage by loading faster than others, maybe make it like "Sandbox mode" where you can just race around the map normally until enough pepole are in the game.
  • Size of the item boxes should be bigger. They are too easy to miss even when going for them.
  • Make the "Fake item box" noticeable of being fake (maybe it is, but with missing textures you don't really know).
  • When you hit a wall, just make it so you do a light bump.
  • Make left click use the item in front of you, and right click behind you (should be told somewhere so everyone knows)


  • Teleport bug, sometimes you just play and get teleported back for unknows reasons.
  • Camera bug, after the end of the stun (on a specific map ?) the camera will do a backflip and go back to normal, throwing off your momentum.
  • Timer bug, the timer after finishing the map seems innacurate, someone in 7th place shouldn't have a better time than someone in 5th. I think the timer base itself not on the actual map timer but when they started or something like that.