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Pyro Propaganda

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I'm Pyro Propaganda, an autistic pyro main. If you play on Raiden you've probably seen me taking a rocket for you on dodgeball more than a few times.
This probably isn't the right place to post this but I just wanted to say this:

I'm quitting TF2 and gaming for a long while as it's basically become really additive and I've not been productive because of it. For some background, I compose music/rearrange music as a hobby, for example:

Since I've kinna got hooked on TF2 over the past year and a half, I've not been able to make music as good as I'd like to because I've wanted to play video games instead. So I've made the decision to quit video games all together so I can properly concentrate on music.

However, I'd like to thank everyone, admins, regular players, the owner/owners of Redsun for the most fun I've ever had in TF2. I know I've only been playing on the servers for 3-4 months, but everyone has made these last few months worth while. Whether it be Prepare Your Pootis reading really fucked up Undertale fan fics, Alex making really cool maps, or Unit abusing the living shit out the admin commands for badges every once in a while, I've loved every second of it. All good things must come to end, but I appreciate every single one of you.

Redsun servers are definitly the best TF2 servers out there.

Thank you
I wish you all the best, and I wish Redsun a strong ass future.


- Pyro Propaganda, an autistic pyro main
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Tohru Adachi

man of speen
you could have just said you're taking a break for a while
no need to go dramatic about it

also i am fixing your formatting because videos autoembed here


again & again
Don't forget you're here forever!
Just kidding.

Keep doing what you love. That will be just fine.
You're always welcome back. See you perhaps later!