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Hello, I am TehRussianDoggy. As you will understand at the end of the name, I am a mapper.

I have 2 Versus Saxton Hale maps right now. (other one is still on beta)

I was very interested in these redsun servers, at first I thought there would be only one game mode, but I found something constantly changing game mode excited me. Also, the sounds, effects and more that can be purchased from the store have impresed me very much. I was a little bored in the game tf2, but when this redsun server came out I started to have fun. yes, it will continue to play on these servers (even my nerves are broken)


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Ok, time to have MORE gaming vsh maps ? That's epic ! Welcome to redsun boyo

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You can get the developer role i believe if you are contributing maps, and applying for it (i am not certain of this). But you can post your maps in the map suggestion thread and see how it goes

Edit : From the staff application thread :

"10: If applying for developer, send in some of your previous work as an example. Anything works, including map files, source code, models, and so forth."
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You don't need to be a developer or any staffs to submit maps. At best bet, you can post your maps at this forum subsection to showcase your maps and any progress/updates. One of us staff will eventually look at your maps and upload/playtest at redsun servers if good enough.