Introducing myself:

Hi, I'm Hafizul Najmy from Malaysia. I join this community because I experience that the admin active, helpful and even much more.
I'm a boy who likes gaming, helping, listening music and much more! I can't wait to see you in the server.

This community has Singapore server right?

That's all from me.


Eldritch Berserker
Welcome to Red Sun. Also there are no Singapore servers, only US and EU servers.

Tohru Adachi

Can't take a joke
singapore servers were planned but the player uptick wasn't there, even from surny's signal boost
i'd doubt one would work sadly

(If you know IkiroZz, Lecubon and Jun already) I just know this community when Kiro told me.
(Tits.TF = that chinese ripoff pls no offence)