Hello to all of Redsun.


Slowly getting there
Hello everyone.
I'm Koopaking64. (and yes, I know I used a different username for the forums,)
I first learned of this place thanks to a video made by Surny. (not the most original reason and probably not the last)
Since then on, I've been playing at the RedSun servers for roughly a year and a half now and I haven't made an account for the forums because I honestly never tried something like this before.
Thought I change that by setting one up to see what kind of magic is happening behind the usual play sessions and get a chance to actually have nice chats with other people rather than just staring at a screen everyday and doing nothing.

Hope I don't regret myself for doing this.

Forged Identity

the man who says nyeh
bah don't worry about it the forums are hell and a ham basket anyways, just read stickies and behave and you'll be fine, welcome :)


You were the mann I used to see on mistral , Lovely ! Welcome to redsun my guy and szf is a good gamemode