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Is Pootis bird funny?

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Pootis Bird

The new guy
It is I the Pootis Bird (does anyone still think that the Pootis Bird meme is funny?) Ahem. Anyway I am just a regular gamer having fun on Redsun.tf. Also I joined this server thanks to Surny, because I was always looking for some fun community servers with custom gamemodes since Casual got boring. And this is the perfect server for it (imo).
I like the idea behind redsun with all of the customizable stuff like sound triggers or taunt effects etc. I think that it was on Slag gaming or whatever the server was called that shut down I believe (atleast that's what I heard in Surny's video). Anyways I love this server and thanks to the mods and the donators that keep the server alive with all of the server funds etc. I just love it
Anyway that's my introduction

Tohru Adachi

I get paid to insult people
I'm the ex-Slag moderator/developer that started this place.
It's not what it used to be but it's alright.