Mayor Dylan

The "illest Madvillain"
Salutations, Red Sun Patrons.

You probably recognize me as that one guy who mostly plays dumb soundclips or music when allowed to get a laugh out of people in the server. (Or as that guy who kept playing a fart sound each time people kept dying in Dodgeball once.) But for those that don't know or wish to know me better, just call me 'Dylan'. As a quick rundown about how I discovered this place, yes it was also due to Surny's video on this community. (Ironically enough, I'm not from the EU but I still cared enough to come give it a look.) So far, I genuinely enjoy all this place has to offer and I wanna' see it continue to be successful.

With that, I shall make my leave for now. Farewell, and may we cross paths eventually.



Mean Meme Machine
Comm. Manager
I remember you, you were in one of my events! You seem like a chill person, so I’m glad you decided to delve further into RedSun.

Anyway, welcome on in!


Your favorite nemesis
Hey future to be friend, if you even come to EU, i'll be sure to welcome you in a DB map, with a couple of strikers and books.