Important General Discussion - Rules and Guidelines

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What is this section for?

General Discussion is for discussing anything offtopic (or on-topic) within the community, think of it as a lighter version of Fast Chat where more serious discussions can be held.​

What is allowed here?

Discussions related to almost anything in real life (politics, news, new games, the list is endless!) are permitted here, so long as they stay on-topic and generate meaningful discussion. As for what isn't permitted, that will be covered in the next section.​

What isn't allowed here?

Here's a list of topics and actions that will probably get your post removed and your family name disgraced:
  • Porn - go to sadpanda (or e621 if you're into that shit) to jerk it, this is a fap-free area.
    • If content related to the thread is NSFW related (and not just downright pornographic or suggestive) then please use the spoiler function, and title your spoiler as "NSFW" or similar.
  • Shitposting - The entire purpose of a "General Discussion" forum is to have a place where we can discuss things in a semi-serious manner. Don't ruin a discussion for some laughs, please. You'll look like an idiot.
    • On this point, please don't use an overabundance of memes. You will also make yourself look dumber than most posters.
  • Flaming - Intentionally generating a confict between users just makes you look bad. We just want to talk about stuff civilly.
  • Derailing - Stay on topic. Trying to steer the conversation away from the thread topic isn't a nice thing to do. Make your own thread.
  • Item Suggestions, Reports, Appeals, etc. - Those have their own sections, which you can use at any time.
  • Tech Support - We're not your local tech support. Issues related to playing on our servers should go in the relevant forum section.
These rules will be updated periodically to better fit the section's needs.
Not open for further replies.