No Action Taken Gameplay Ban Appeal - ID: 5341

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*Cursed by vsh*
Ban ID: 5341

Reason to remove the ban: There has been a clear misunderstanding. i was playing on Raiden EU and the actual gamemode was B1. At first i didn't feel like to play properly so i began to fly around with my Demoman. But when i saw Tohru was on the server and started banning i began to help my team using the demoman's stickies.
After 5 minutes, more or less, i had to go, so i left the server. The next day i found a gameplay ban, and next to it Tohru wrote : "Don't bother running. We can still ban you." The thing is I wasn't running, i simply had to go, and i was actually partecipating at defeating B1 after the first round.
Now I can wait 2 days of not playing on Redsun but if you could do something about it, I'd appreciate it.
Thank you.

Date/time of ban: 20-04-2019 18:27:32 UTC.
Server where ban was applied: RAIDEN EU.
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again & again
Unfortunately you killed yourself on the B1 arena, a moment after a mod notice (the message in the centre of the screen) was issued to everyone on the server.
You failed to follow the instructions as given by staff, added to the boss health pool, and was a hindrance to 20-something other players.
The decision to apply a gameplay ban has practically already been taken the moment you jumped off the stage.
This is not a misunderstanding, you just did the exact same thing as the other guy who got gameplay banned.

i didn't feel like to play properly so i began to fly around with my Demoman
Then play properly.

No action will be taken and the thread gets locked.
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