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Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions asked about Red Sun, for your and our convinience. Click the spoiler boxes in order to show the answer of the question. I hope this is helpful to any newcomers!

There's various ways to obtain Battle Points:
  • By donating. Not only it helps us run the servers, but it also awards you lots of Battle Points, perks to obtain more BP, and other cool perks!
  • By playing on any of the servers. Regularly, you'll be awarded one Battle Point point every ~25 minutes or so.
  • Killing other players gives you a chance of getting a Battle Point.
  • Doing the objective (like capturing the briefcase) may also award you a Battle Point.

Go to your equip page, and click on the "Action" yellow box. Below, it'll show you the coins you have in your inventory and which you can use. On the server, type in the chat /action or /flip to enable your coin's effect!

Sorry, no refunds. Check our Terms of Service page for more info.

We're not sure, but joining our Steam Group is a great way to keep oneself updated on the latest events, gameplay changes, and so on.

Post about it in the Suggestions and Improvements forum. You can also PM it to Darthmule, if you believe it requires special attention.


Check the loadout page. If you've been banned in any way, it'll display in a bright red banner.

Report it on the Gamemodes and Gameplay forum.

It's a ban that strips the banned players of key gameplay features or makes the game unfairly hard for them, as a way to punish their behaviour without outright banning their access to the server.

No. Please, don't request maps or gamemodes to be played on the server. It annoys moderators, managers, and administrators when this is done, and could get you a nice Chat/Voice ban.

You can play it alone here by downloading the singleplayer map (it allows up to six players if you want to play it with friends). The multiplayer version is only played on events, so it's highly recommended that you join our Steam Group if you want to be kept up to date.


You can report players in the Reports and Appeals section of the forum. Please be sure to read on how to report players before you do so, or your report will end up denied. If you report anyways without proof, it is still up to our moderators/managers/administrators to investigate the cause - this means that if a player is being reported because he was spamming or being overly rude, we can still check the logs as long as you provide an accurate date and time of the offense, but no guarantees. It's highly recommmended that you ALWAYS provide proof, no matter what.

Suggest it on the Suggestions and Improvements forum. If your item uses sound files, it's highly recommended that it's a 80 kbits 44100Hz (Frequency Rate) .mp3 format file. Using Photoshop or GIMP to make an icon for your item is also recommended. It's a no-brainer that the item has to follow our server rules, too.

Your item suggestion can be anything as long as it's cool and you provide the concept! Don't worry about coding it: if our item developers find it an awesome idea, they'll end up coding it and making it themselves. You'll be awarded a self-made version of your item if it gets made.
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