Announcement Four years of Red Sun, and maybe four more.


SnooPing as usual I see?
4 years, huh? It's been a rather unique ride. lets go for another 6. Regardless of it's ups and downs, I hope that this community does not suffer the same fate Slag did.
Keep up the good work! except @42 he bad /s


Fuck off bung
Well, what can I say. It's been a pretty
ride for the past 322 and half years I've been here or so. I can say I had a pretty good time with all of you and hopes to 4 years! Would be nice if Valve ever decides to stop supporting shitty dead p2p2w card game and make more content for tf2 in the meantime

OG Chaotics

The Marauder
I haven't played in a couple months but this is by far the best TF2 community I've ever been part of and the creativity in some of the gamemodes are unparalleled. I look forward to what the future brings