Announcement Four years of Red Sun, and maybe four more.

Tohru Adachi

man of speen
There's short years and long years.
Short years are those ones filled with updates, content and business that go by so fast that there's too much to talk about in one single announcement, which is generally good for everyone. In contrast, the long ones are the years where nothing happens because the sole admin is too busy eating shoe polish with a side of bleach meaning there's nothing to do or talk about when the next year rolls round.

It's been mixed.
On one hand, we've started to make steady progress towards three gamemodes that should help increase what we have to offer.
MicroTF2, the WarioWare interpretation made by Gemidyne Developments has been integrated with the Loadout and should be ready for active rotation (along with the addition of badges for those who care about those) if nothing else kills it outright within 5 seconds of executing the code.
On top of that, Alex Turtle has taken a dive into creating plugins, with the revival of the old BomberMod plugin which, back in TF2's heyday, was featured in multiple gaming outlets and even on some french television programme at one point. (Crazy, I know. Everyone knows the french don't have television, they have baguettevision.)
Hell, we even have Red Sun Kart development being restarted by GeeNoVoid. I don't personally know how that will end up, but we might get something playable and enjoyable out of what has long been the in-joke meme gamemode.

It's not all been great, though.
A lot's happened, and a lot of people have gone their own ways. I've had to make difficult decisions either way which, unsurprisingly, have caused their fair share of trouble. However, we're still standing for now. We're not dead yet.

So, to all I say: Happy Birthday, Red Sun Over Paradise. Thanks for the memories, and let's look forward to making more.

- Tohru Adachi
Founder, Administrator of Red Sun Over Paradise


The Past Is Dead; Name The Future.
Here's hoping the party train for RedSun never stops!

Handsome Zane

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Server Moderator
Looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

I'll stick by all of you until the end


genuine master spark
one of the most unique and coolest tf2 communities out there, if not my favorite

genuinely wish the best for it and its players


Actually not a twink
Server Moderator
The only reason keeping me from fully dropping tf2, God speed you magnificent bastard


What the hell am I doing with my life
I will never forget this crazy world i joined . Thank you redsun

Ur Ugli

BAPgineer GOD
Really nice server, hope it keeps on giving. One of the reasons i'm still on TF2 as of now.

Koizumi Hayato

Another one bites the dust
All the TF2 community servers which had been playing, went closing eventually, but its nice to see Red Sun being active, I feel comfy here.

Happy Birthday Red Sun!
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Settled in
I haven't connected to the servers for a few months as I have been focusing on other games, but I definitely have not forgotten about this wonderful little paradise, and I never will.

Forget four years, here's to forever! And good luck to all the developers!


Cross-Comm Cunt
Still wonder how nothing has even come close to the sheer creativity of the server. Happy birthday Red Sun, here's hoping for another year filled with whatever the hell you guys like to fill it with.


I'm still tired
I’ll save the sentiment for next year, for now, I’ll just say that it’s impressive we’ve come this far despite all the shit thats happened in the past. Thank you Mr Tohru Man, and Ill attempt to be here during Spring Break (if i’m not playing Tower lol)

Skully & Skelle

CusToM TiTlE
This is late but, what a fucking year it was, regardless of it being shit or amazing. Surprising i was planning to stay here for 2 years during the flower power event, fucking shit reason to stay here for that but damn i'll be lying if i said i regret coming here.

so yeah here's another fucking year of autism till we die.

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