Flower Power - April 15th to June 26th

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Fight Omega Flower together, from April 15th to June 26th
Red Sun Over Paradise (https://redsun.tf/flower-power)

While most items have been made specifically for this event, some items are classic items from previous which have been made available to be earned by players for this event.

By collecting Flowey's Petals and purchasing Crafting Tokens, people can craft the Petals and Tokens which are made available in crafting recipes. Some recipes ask for a different combinations of items like rare petals to craft the item contained within the recipe.

How do I participate?
To participate in this event you need to vote on "Player versus Map" when it appears during map vote, this category contains the co-op version of my_world called boss_flowey and is the map which this event will be active on.

If you succesfully kill Flowey with your team you will receive Flowey's Petal with a small chance on finding a rare one for rarer, more exclusive items in this event. In addition, everyone on the team will receive 10 Battle Points for every kill they make

What about the normal version?
The normal version is to stay as is and will not include these items as a reward. The event takes place on a custom made co-op version of my_world called boss_flowey and Flowey's Petals only drop from the co-op version of my_world.

What is Flowey like compared to B1?
Flowey is more hectic and chaotic in his attacks compared to B1, getting hit by Flowey's attacks will very often result in death. Flowey punishes very heavily the more time your team spends on the phase before the Finale, so a good combination of damage and sustain is very important.

Where B1 heavily favours team co-ordination in a set of scripted abilities, Flowey requires you to react to abilities as they appear while making sure you get put into a mini-game as soon as possible to safe yourself from the madness and get players back that have died.



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aw hecc here it comes. NNNGH. TRANSFORMING-

i will murder that flower. hueheuuhe

(I am hyped for this gamemode, this looks amazing. i especially want that genuine flowey icon. i want it. gibe it)


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The madman, the mark of the flowery is obtainable again

But i bet it very expensive


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Oh god why is Coach a reward

Armageddon has come for us all

Very happy about my spraysound being a reward from there though


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  • Engineer can now build on boss_flowey.
  • Engineer now has 3x dispenser range.
  • Added the "Flower Power" badge.


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I'm quite fine with this event. I like the Player vs Environment battles as they give you a chance to work as a team such as B1 (Maybe Pyromancer? That map is unreleased and is most likely being worked on atm) It's going to be quite fun trying to beat a overdrive version of max power.


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I like doing this. it's fun, and cant wait until the 15th to get the prizes.
the flower tag however, is when you know you've truly won.


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Man once the kids find out about this, things can only end badly.

Or not, hopefully things will be different from last time.


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Engineer changes (also applies for B1):
  • Increased construction speed from 500% to 900%.
  • Removed max metal penalty. (can carry 200 now like normal)
  • Removed "cannot pick up buildings" penalty.
  • Increased metal gained every 5 seconds from 5 to 40.
  • Dispenser radius increased from 300% to 1000%.
  • Engineer secondaries gain a 100% damage boost.
  • Repair rate has been decreased to be made almost non-existant.

The Engineer, while being allowed on both B1 and Flowey, quite useless. Realistically the Engineer is a "dispenser slave", it builds a dispenser and does nothing. With these changes we hope the Engineer is more useful and fun to play for people who decide to choose the Engineer to support the team.

Engineer will be much more useful and efficient to play with these changes.

Other changes:
  • version v3_4 and v3_5 were in use. (flowey)
  • version v3_6 is coming. Will fix a visual bug and a game breaking bug. (flowey)
  • Scout secondaries gain a 100% damage boost.

Recipes will be revealed when the event officially starts. Adjustments will be made related to rock the vote and rolling "Player versus Map" after the event hits.
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