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Serious shitposting
Did you miss this years' April Fools event? Do you wonder what it was like?
No? Too bad, now you get to suffer like we did!



  • The only song you'll ever need!
  • More magic missiles than you can shake a bee at! (Disclaimer: please do not shake bees. Or fuck them for that matter.)
  • A trap that puts dr_badwater to shame!
  • An actual missile!
  • Terrible voice-mixing!
  • A way to make things much, much worse!
And more!

Coming soon:

  • A minigame (Disclaimer: Will probably not be a spinner.)
  • Another way to make things even worse!
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Serious shitposting
After a month of procrastination and then some, it's finally ready:


Major Changes:
  • An unlockable minigame is now available! Find the 6 (not-so)-hidden buttons in the right order to enter! Can you pass all 6 levels? (Probably not)
  • A third humiliation has been added. It will leave you at a loss for words!
  • Two types of special rounds are now implemented, having a chance at occurring and adding more layers of your favourite song!
  • The secret has been revamped and now works properly. The music that plays for the next round has also been changed. (I hope your ears can handle it)
Other Changes:
  • Most of the music + sounds have been made louder so they can actually be heard.
  • All magic missile traps now have more missiles.
  • The bee trap now plays the Bee Movie script on catching someone. (Disclaimer: Only the first 30 seconds will be played. I apologize for the inconvenience.)
  • A couple of traps have been buffed so they don't get bullied for low kill counts. Traps have feelings too apparently.


Serious shitposting
Bit overdue, but here's magicmissile_v2a (not much fanfare as it's a small-ish update):

-One trap has been changed and now has music when catching someone.
-A few sounds have been increased in volume, you guys are very loud.
-Special rounds are more likely to trigger.
-Motivator starts earlier and moves faster.
-A few optimisations to reduce file size.

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