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don't you hate on how redsun have many shitty deathrun maps?
don't you hate on how maps look ugly?
don't you hate on how maps don't even have a minigame?
don't you hate on how many voted deathrun only just for a small chance to be a badge map?

Then you sure will hate this map even more!


(the only screenshot you will ever need!)​

- only about 12 traps, but EVERY traps is BULLSHIT in some way!
- 4 autotraps and 50/50 even though nobody likes em!
- no minigames!
- no motivator!
- no theme!
- no skybox!
- no badges! :(
- 0% custom materals/sounds!
- !!!!!
(i may put minigames and motivator in later version idk)

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Clearly humanity has evolved for this very purpose. This is peak deathrun performance


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You think this map can't get anything worse (b2 download)

- Added ending choices
- Insta win
- doors minigame
- spinner minigame
- secret thing

- Added various voiceclips from autotrap, killed from water, button pressed and both minigames
- Added motivator, don't get too close to it though
- Reduced chances to trigger autotrap in spawnroom
- Fixed 2nd trap insta-killing you at incorrect time
- Buffed normal rockets in 3rd trap
- Tweaked 4th trap timing
- Made existing autotraps in random locations
- Increased push force from duck trap
- Added SOMETHING at end of the map under specific condition
- Fixed spawnpoints outside of the map (already in b1 stripper)
- Probably did something else idk


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small update, nothing too big (b3 download)

- Fixed entering wrong door in door minigame can sometimes end with a win
- Reduced amount of autotraps in spinner minigame
- Increased movitator trigger_hurt size
- Fixed not being able to spray on some walls
- Fixed merasmus trap not having specific condition in the first place
- Other stuffs i probably forgot