dodgeball US & EU servers?

infinite phantasm

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i've noticed over the past months that dodgeball is extremely popular on red sun, at least from what i can tell. i'll always see large groups of people wanting to play it, or even moving to other servers just to RTV to dodgeball. i don't if it's just how this particular version of dodgeball works, or if it's the community, but it's something i see people enjoy playing almost all the time (except for when salt comes in, but that's not uncommon anyways).

so, as a possible thought, why don't we have US and EU dodgeball servers? i say US and EU because ping is a notable issue when it comes to proper reflect timing in dodgeball, and i'm sure some people would like to be able to play where their ping is lowest.

would be really cool if this could work, i'd definitely play on them a lot.

Tohru Adachi

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One single issue with that: player count. I'd be splitting apart an already small playerbase and be creating even more servers to maintain and keep up to date, which at our size isn't really that feasible.
The GM servers can get away with it easily because you could say they act as spillover servers in case the first one in that region fills up.
You can see this with the surf/szf servers in a way - there's no constant pressure for those specific servers, moreso surf.

Count Sexulus

As much as I love dodgeball, I feel a 24/7 server would leave a lot of people feeling burnt out. Though I wouldn't mind one if money wasn't an issue