Dodgeball Dodgeball Update 4-1-2017


  • Added the Eye Ball rocket:
    • Starts at half speed and increases speed twice as fast
    • Has the same chance to appear as the nuke (read: very low)
    • Has a tiny bit less turn rate than a normal rocket
  • Changed normal rocket:
    • Speed increase on airblast increased from 120.0 to 200.0 hammer units
  • Modified round end Dodgeball kit logic:
    • People that made 2 kills or more have the highest priority on being randomly selected to have their Dodgeball kit's round end song played
    • If nobody was found that fits this criteria, it will select everybody from the winning team that has a Dodgeball kit. People that do not have a Dodgeball kit are no longer selected to have their non-existant Dodgeball kit played
  • Fixes to code replacing Phlog with Stock flamethrower
  • Airblast now only works on projectiles: Players are no longer affected by airblast in any way
Badges will be made sometime for the Dodgeball gamemode, please look forward to those!