Dodgeball Dodgeball Badge Suggestion Thread

Alex Turtle

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Ludicrous speed: Kill someone with a very fast rocket

Rocket Connaisseur: Reflected 4 different types of rocket in 1 round

3 birds 1 stone: Kill 3 enemies with a (non-nuke) rocket


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Dominating Spree: Kill 8 enemies in a single round

Faster than the Future: Reflect an 88 MPH rocket

Quick Think: Reflect an rocket that has been reflected 0.1 second ago

No time to relax: Reflect rockets 8 times in less than 10 seconds

Duel Fight: Reflect the same rocket 6 times

Lvl. 100 Spycrab

name paint guru
All for One: Win a Dodgeball Challenge against many players

One for All: Kill someone using a Dodgeball Challenge Coin

Back from the Brink: Win a round after being down many players
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I don't know about the titles.

Survivor : Win after being the last one on your team (in a team of minimum X number of people)
Champion : Win a dodgeball challenge with against X number of people (just saw Spycrab's post...)
My M2 is broken : Win after not reflecting a single rocket
I also like to live dengerously : "play" with a rocket trageting you for X (5 or 10 ?) seconds without it being reflected or blown.


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(I'm bad with naming)

-add some kind of tiering system to the challenge round (eg. get 5, 10, etc. kills)
-use a challenge coin and get no kills
-kill the challenger in the challenge round as the last person on your team
-survive a barrage coin
-survive after taking damage from a nuke
-get killed by an administrator
-kill an administrator
-get a rocket jump (if you can track that)
-win a round on tfdb_icebox by capturing the CP
-reflect two rockets at once
-win 3 rounds in a row

will add more if I can think of them
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Robo Bitch
Let's see how creative I am. i just woke up and i'm writing something.

I am wood: Win a round by standing still and reflecting rockets.
Do you believe in gravity?: Die from fall damage after being hit by a rocket.
Galileo is scared: Get hit by a rocket that is going faster than your speed while falling.
Showoff: Win a round with a rocket revolving around you.
Overkill: Kill a single enemy with two rockets.
Strike!: Kill two players in one match using two striker rockets.

That's all i got. I'm guessing you can't even track some of them.


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Credits to people who gave the ideas before me, I've just taken them and refined them into something nice.
Do not give me any credit, give it to the mentioned ones after each badge.

: Kill two or more enemies with one rocket. @Alex Turtle
Acrobatics: Use a rocket to launch yourself into the air. @Victor
Some Serious Shit: Reflect a rocket going 88 mph or more. @Alex Turtle @epicfighter4242
Double Trouble: Reflect two or more rockets in the span of 10 seconds. @epicfighter4242 @Victor
I Did All I Could: Win a round without reflecting any rockets. @Vrodish
The Apple Doesn't Fall Far: Die from fall damage. @Gentlemann Of Swing
Dangerous Hula-Hoop: Revolve a rocket around yourself for 10 seconds. @Vrodish @Gentlemann Of Swing
Fallout: Survive until the end of the round after being hit by a nuke. @Victor
If You Can Dodge a Wrench: Survive until the end of the round after someone uses a Barrage Coin. @Victor
The Casual Way: Win a round on tfdb_icebox by capturing the control point. @Victor
A New Challenger Approaches: Win a Challenge round. @Lvl. 100 Spycrab @Vrodish
Underdog Story: Win a round while being the last one alive on your team. @Vrodish
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Comm. Manager
-Nuclear Armament: Kill 10 people with a single nuke.
-Hunting Season: Kill a player who is currently in midair.
-Air Raid: Kill a player with a rocket while in midair.
-Unforeseen Consequences: Get killed by a fast moving rocket that was previously being reflected by two other players.

Dot Blot

Hi I'm Ebbi a-Betto
The Casual Way: Win a round on tfdb_icebox by capturing the control point. @Victor
I'm changing tfdb_icebox (the gimmick itself) so this may not work at all in later versions.

Hot Potato: Airblast a rocket that has been airblasted 8 times previously.
My back hurts: Exceed 40 points in one map
Pinball Wizard: Airblast a rocket that has previously bounced 9 times
Collateral damage: Get killed by someone else's rocket
Beyond the Grave: Kill someone post-humorously
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Well, time for me to put out some of my own thoughts (that might not be shit.)

Striking the striker: Reflect and kill the player that reflected a striker while in mid-air.

Powerhouse: Dominate 2 enemies at the same time.

An explosion for miles: Kill 4 people with one rocket.

Light as a feather: Survive a rocket hitting you and taking fall damage.

This is all I could think of, for the time being. Hopefully, there will be more good suggestions in the future.