disabling STT until tank bug is fixed?

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i didn't see a prefix for this gamemode (assumingly because it just runs off payload maps and this is mainly where maps are posted), so i'll just use the title.

the tank bug on STT is happening so often on so many maps that i'm beginning to wonder if the gamemode should just be disabled until there's a proper fix (ex. the current case for GunGame). it's almost guaranteed to happen at least once from what i can tell on almost any pl map, and in a match on pl_pharoah_rc1, it happened 3 times in a row, with BLU winning and getting the 'Well Deserved Victory' badge every time

i know it sounds a bit severe, but it's becoming game-breaking enough that no one even bothers to pay attention to the tank and the entire game just becomes a deathmatch, distracting from the real point of the game.

thoughts and opinions on this would be appreciated (and i'm expecting a lot of dumb/disagree ratings)

EDIT: for clarification's sake/for people who don't know, the tank bug is when a tank simply stops losing HP. it doesn't gain any, it doesn't lose any, it's just permanently stuck until it gets to the end of the map and blows up. it's unclear as to why this happens and there doesn't seem to be an actual fix from what i can tell.

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Attention to bugs should be done via the bugtracker. There's already an open issue for this, which would just need a new post in order to be bumped.

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