Disable (certain) coins in MicroTf2

Zane Truesdale

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I wish to suggest this before it gets out of beta.

Some coins can have an impact on specific rounds or special rounds in MicroTF2 and vice versa. One example of this is where I joined late into one round where slow motion was in effect. A Baby coin was used during this period and was able to remain active way longer due to the slow motion. Even after the round was over and the game returned to normal speed, the Baby Coin was still in effect and almost lasted throughout that whole round. (this was a while ago so my memory on it is kinda hazy)

Another example of a coin that has a huge impact on some rounds is the Inverted Space Coin. This coin alone has made some rounds incompletable. Platform focused rounds such as the rocket jumping boss round becomes literally impossible as no one can propel themselves to the first ledge solely because someone on the server had 40 BP to spare. I know that's the general purpose of the Inverted Space Coin, but inflicting forced failure onto the whole server during times where getting airborne is required solely because you have BP to burn isn't fun at all(especially since I've always seen that coin get used on rounds like that).

tl;dr Some coins don't agree with MicroTF2 and vice versa. Disabling the ones that fit this category cough inverted space coin cough might be a good idea.

Tohru Adachi

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The mode is limited to special selection for this very reason. The staff ideally shouldn't be selecting it willy nilly (and have been told not to) because there are changed being made to both the plugin and the map soon that will require more than just convar edits.