Could Delirium from TBOI work in TF2?

Theoretically speaking, Could it work?

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Zane Truesdale

That one mofo you forget exists
This was a little something me and another person brought up in the discord and I would like to hear other people's thoughts on it. I don't want this to come off as a suggestion. This is meant to discuss in theory if such a thing could be done(and if so, how it could be done).

In the gaming chat, I shared a screenshot of me fucking around with the game's debug mode and then brought up how it would be cool to see an expanded szf_isaac with the end bosses from Rebirth and Afterbirth(Mega Satan and Hush respectively). Delirium was also brought up but I didn't quite know if it was possible to make such a boss work in TF2 given how the fight with Delirium goes down. As I was making my counter to state how I think it couldn't work, I began to wonder how it could as well.

So I make this thread here to ask for assistance in pondering into this theory.
Could Delirium work in TF2?

Zane Truesdale

That one mofo you forget exists
szf_isaac already pushes limits on brushes and entities. This would need to be its own map at the very least.
@Alex Turtle would be able to say more on this
I figured this would be the case, hence why I said expanded version. Victor stated in the discord that the map is pushing the brush limit so I had already known a new map would be needed for the Rebirth and Afterbirth content if such a task was taken on.

I'm more wondering whether the boss Delirium could work on TF2 given how the fight with him in the game goes down(transforming into different enemies with a shared health bar)