Class Specific Taunt Effects & Sounds + Effects Separation

The Ground Is Burning

The (somewhat) Newcomer
To elaborate: Adding a system to where you can use, say The True Carlton on the Scout, but then The Big Bad Wulf on the Heavy, both at the same time. I would also like to mention a system that if a taunt does not have an effect, only a sound clip, then it should be able to equip an effect.

Nemonion's Patented Moron
While I can't do much about it, that's still a somewhat good idea, since you have to edit your loadout every time you want to change taunts, sounds, etc... Of course, this is just a way to shorten the process, so it's not an idea that NEEDS to be made into reality.


This got suggested multiple times but apparently coding it is difficult so I don't think this is happening unless mikusch saves the day

Tohru Adachi

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As it stands: class-specific instancing will not happen due to how the website is built and due to how your equipped items are stored - reworking this both on the website end and on the server end would take a while.