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I enjoy BomberMod a lot, but it seems like quite a few people don't, and I can definitely see some faults in it myself. Here are a few specific things that, to me, could be tweaked to make a more fun mode.

1. On many maps, the best opening play is to place a sticky on top of a permanent wall, to break 4+ breakables at once: View:

This doesn't really 'feel' Bombermanny, and gives those that know the trick an unfair advantage at the start, which can be a huge help. I don't know if there's a way to prevent the explosion working like this, but it does feel like cheating... Honestly it might be better for the mode as a whole if permanent walls were invisibly high like breakables are, preventing across-the-map spam near the end of each round and making players stay within the grid.

2. If you manage to respawn when BLU, you're placed in a likely untouched spawn area, with no powerups, and barely enough invulnerability to last one detonation. This can make it very hard to not blow yourself up right away, especially in Soldier/True.
I think it would be fun if you automatically gained all of the powerups of the RED you blow up when you respawn, to put you even with the other players left, and maybe lengthen the respawn invulnerability a little bit to prevent being stuck in spawn.

3. Soldier Madness rounds tend to have 90% suicides. I've even seen a round end in zero kills. Clearing walls tends to just be too hard with rockets, like in a narrow hallway, you practically cannot hit the left or right walls safely.
Although accidental suicide is certainly a part of Bomberman, I think the best way to improve Soldier Madness would be to have self-blast damage immunity. It would certainly make it feel different compared to the other rounds, and reduce feel-bad moments. Although firing at your feet to kill enemies could be too powerful.
The awkward way that rockets fire from your viewmodel in close range is not helping suicides either. I was aiming at this block spot on, and yet my rockets were hitting the floor: View:

Giving everyone The Original could help a lot with aiming these close-quarters rockets!

4. True Bomberman rockets should have little to no blast radius. Right now, they aren't behaving as one would expect, so people are dying despite following the theoretical rules of the round. The best example is when you have a rocket heading towards a wall, and you're in the tile to the left/right of that wall: View:

By Bomberman rules I should be safe, but due to blast radius, I am not. Perhaps the rockets could be made bigger, to prevent being able to dodge the rocket, and more accurately show where is safe? It would be neat if it fired out, say, Dragon's Fury balls instead, to better match Bomberman explosions, but I'm guessing it has to be an explosive to interact with the blocks.

5. Super Powerups reload time gets out of hand. It can get so short that it is essentially instant; you can spam attack as fast as you possibly can, and you will NEVER run out of clip, because it can reload in between firings. There should definitely be some reasonable minimum.

6. A couple map-specific critiques:
bm_sunshine features a really interesting hexagon grid. However, the hexagons are too big, and the area is too small, which leads to there being very few powerups, and a lot of very wide open areas, making it extremely difficult to actually kill anyone. (Also you can get out of bounds as an eye in the back left corner)
bm_multi's "Stairs" round was hated when we played it for having very odd collision (stickies ending up stuck in midair?), the other rounds were quite fun though, especially Train.
And I kept dying to unexpected teleportation in bm_teleporta. Admittedly I should have read the map name, but, it could help if there was a better visual cue, and some kind of audio cue, for where the teleporters are and when you teleport.

What do you guys think of these suggestions? Do you have any to add?

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Sorry for the late reply, I was focusing on another project but now I'm free to make Bombermod Great Again!

1. Maps should have clips that prevents that kind of behavior but it seems that clips have been behaving weirdly in TF2 recently. And to be honest the only way to fix this would be to force True Bomberman mode on every round.

2. You are right, respawning with no powerup sucks, I will transfer the powerups to the respawned player.

3 and 4. I have recently found an explaination on why this is happening. You see, rockets in TF2 have this hidden mechanic where the Rocket-Jump radius remains the same even if I force the radius explosion to 0. (For the owner of the rocket obviously)

5. This happens when attributes are wrongly set, I will fix it asap.

I'm doing my best to make Bombermod less hatable but it's the design itself that is at fault.
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It makes a lot of sense that rockets work that way; RJing with the Direct Hit is the same as the other launchers after all. Hopefully there's a fix; would a 100% Gunboats attribute work to prevent this erroneous rocket jump radius damage, while still allowing close range self-damage? (Just a suggestion as a non-plugin-coder)
Personally, undeserved suicides are the only thing that make the mode not fun to me, and if those can get ironed out, I hope others will warm up to the mode as well.