Invalid Format Ban Appeal - ID: 5492

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The new guy

Banned from the server but the website says I'm not.

And yes I am perma'd from dispenzor's fun server because of a nsfw spray, people on discord mentioned its a joint ban or whatever I'm not good with words.

Ban ID:5492
Date/Time of ban: Very Recent.
Server where ban was applied: All Servers.
Reason to remove the ban: I'll try to not spray a nsfw spray on here? I guess.
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You have an automated ban (ID 5492), which indeed came from dispenzor's fun server for that reason. Bans page does not show automated bans, and i dunno why it done like that. Really should show automated ban aswell.

Just to clarify where that ban came from, not my decision to accept/decline this appeal.

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Locked - did not follow template.
Autobans follow a slightly different appeals format - you should email admin[at]redsun[dot]tf to discuss those.
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