No Action Taken Ban Appeal - ID: 5201

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Ban ID: 5201
Reason to remove the ban: so while playing b1 i had to go to eat my dinner and then while eating it i realised i forgot to join spectate or leave the server
Date/Time of ban: 16-11-2018 14:47:09 UTC
Server where ban was applied: Raiden
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Just as a heads up, While RedSun is the NAME of the gaming community, this is not the correct information. The server you were banned on was either Armstrong, Raiden, Mistral, Ocelot, Maverick, or Khasmin.

Tohru was the one who applied the ban so it will be up to him, not me.

Tohru Adachi

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Your ban was applied after receiving a report via the in-game reporting tool. (Other moderators can verify this by checking the report log for report ID 4D771189713RL). The reason for this report was, and I quote: "Not participating in B1, actively respawning and killing himself to increase difficulty"

The map in question increases in difficulty with more players on the field to scale with large playercounts. You were observed idling in a manner that would increase the difficulty of the map according to the reporter.
Furthermore, your account has multiple past bans on record for other offenses. If this were a one-time thing I would consider lessening the remainder of the time left on the ban, however there are multiple indicators proving otherwise.

Apologies, but I won't be taking any action on this.
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