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Reason to remove the ban: Basically I used an NSFW image of Scout x Rainbow Dash in a spray as a joke. It got reported and banned because of server's spray rules. It says, If the spray shows visible uncensored genitals in a sexual context, then it's a bannable spray. While my spray does have content of sexual nature, it is not uncensored, and thus I think it shouldn't be banned because it's as explicit as those anime bikini sprays that are allowed. Click here for if you want to see the image (Warning NSFW (duh))

Date/Time of ban: 26-08-2018 10:21:22 UTC
Server where ban was applied: Raiden (EU)


Server Moderator
Server Moderator
Server rules state that sprays containing gore, sexual activities and/or adult content are not allowed.
Your spray falls into the definition of sexual activities and/or adult content and therefore has been banned.

There's no valid argument that your spray is "that type of NSFW that doesn't break rules."
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Tohru Adachi

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Hello, @spin. big boy admin man here.
First off, thanks for actually reading the damn appeals format because no one ever does.

Looking through the report logs, I can't find any valid unique reports via the report system or the ban requests on this subforum, so it would be safe to say that your spray hasn't been (officially) reported.
Looking at the image you're providing, the source in question you've provided (e621) has marked the image as "explicit". Based on the fact that a known furry porn site has it marked (and approved) as an explicit image, is my guess as to why @Lexaeus denied your appeal initially. However, under FCC guidelines (which is what we use internally) this would not be considered indecent (maybe "questionable" at best) as there's no genitals on screen and the sexual act is implied at most (read: there is no dick going in vagoo directly shown).
Under these guidelines, this should have been questionable material at most and should not have been banned.

I've overruled the above moderator's decision and removed the spray ban in question. You should be able to use your spray from this message onwards.
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