Action Taken Ban Appeal - ID: 3894

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The new guy
Ban ID: Text Ban - ID: 3894
Reason to remove the ban: To be quite honest I dont even remember going on any of your servers in the past and getting a text ban of them. I feel like this time I would be much more mature in text-chat and wouldnt do whatever I did last time to get banned.

Date/Time of ban: (This ban was applied before ban application dates started being tracked)
Server where ban was applied: (This ban was applied before ban sources started being tracked)

Tohru Adachi

I get paid to insult people
Account has 3 prior ROBOTSUN violations from roughly 2016-17 based on ban ID.
Current ban in place is from an ex-staff member with no reasoning on the ban which identifies the reason for the ban.

I have revoked the ban in question.
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