Action Taken Ban Appeal - ID: 2423

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Ban ID: 2423
Reason to remove the ban: I know it says the ban is permanent but now that I've grown up I realized the mistakes I've caused and I'm genuinely sorry for the weird things I've done at the time of my ban. I barely remember all the bans I've gotten because the permanent one happened a very long time ago (it only shows 2 bans in my "bans" page), but I assume they're all because of:

#1 - Posting useless binds in chat
#2 - Randomly using voice-chat with a broken mic (as voice ban #1890 says)
#3 - Being AFK (I assume that's the ban I got before the permanent one)

To add up to #1, I wasn't a talkative person back then, which is what led me to posting lenny faces on every little joke I say, expecting to be funny to everyone. I basically couldn't communicate properly with people so I just sort of jumped onto the "normie" wagon and threw useless binds all over the place pretending to be hilarious.

Once again, I'm sorry for being such a retard 2 or 3 years ago and not getting along with other people. If I do get a second chance, then I'll try my best not to cause problems to anyone ever again.

Date/Time of ban: (This ban was applied before ban application dates started being tracked)
Server where ban was applied: (This ban was applied before ban sources started being tracked)

Tohru Adachi

I get paid to insult people
I'm going to overlook the fact the ban says it can't be appealed since you took the time to read the appeals process and format a nice post.
That being said, the ban in question was applied over two years ago (given that the responsible admin is now no longer an admin) and I'm fine with giving you a second chance.

The ban's been lifted as of this post, go have fun. It may take a while for the unban to propagate due to caching.
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