Action Taken Ban Appeal - ID: 2029

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The new guy
Ban ID: 2029
Reason to remove the ban:
To be honest, there isnt any good reason why it should be removed.. But i am still going to try anyway..

I am really sorry for being such an idiot at the time of my ban, i was going throught my puberty at the time and in the same time i wasnt really aware how to react properly to people, i didnt knew how to correctly speak or socialize with people on internet.. and with that i was even trying to get attention from people by being "the edgy 14 years old" jerk.. the only thing i can say is that i am very sorry for being like this and that i swear that i wont do these things anymore

While at it.. if the ban wont be removed.. i think it should have been perma mute instead of ban.. as most of the mutes/bans i got, were done in voice chats/text chats

For all the mutes i got from the server console, were for spamming lenny faces that didnt even showed.. but i dont have any proof as it happened long time ago
And others manual bans for doing blank text chat exploit + disrespect

Date/Time of ban: (This ban was applied before ban application dates started being tracked)
Server where ban was applied: (This ban was applied before ban sources started being tracked)

My quess the ban happened around October 2016 on server "Raiden" by looking at my old appeals

Tohru Adachi

Can't take a joke
You know what, you're actually admitting that you fucked up. I like that.
Most of the asshats that complain about bans usually don't take the time to write an appeal, much less read the stickies.

I'll give you another chance. Your ban's been lifted.
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