Not Accepted Application For Samy

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Just a normal lad
1.Whereabouts in the world are you from?


2.What position are you applying for?

Server Moderator

3.Why do you feel you are suited for this position?

I had been for atleast 3 years on redsun got well with most people im a bit active on Redsun and really want to contribute more for this comunnity.

4.How much time do you spend on Red Sun over Paradise?

Usually on Week Days i spend 1-6 hours,but on weekends i spend to 1-10 hours playing.

5.How much time can you spend on Red Sun over Paradise, if accepted?

The Same time as i said on the previous point but if it's necesarry i can spend more.

6.Do you have any relevant experience in this field? If so, please tell us where, and for how long.

While i never had on TF2 or Steam,i had actually moderated some comunnitys on the past,so i really know when somebody breaks a rule or if it doesn't.

7.What could you bring to our team?

A Moderator that can be chill,Have both Armstrong and Raiden some Events when i can or if i feel bored,Bans when needed,and help newies/Randoms.

8.Without going into any specific details, please tell us about yourself.

My name is Samy,I am 16 Years old lad that doesn't really talk a lot in person and that also has a lot of Free Time and spends it either by just being on the internet like a big nerd,Listen to some music or play games,but more in particular TF2 and also i am usually chill with most persons,either from my steam friends list or just persons i know from here and that is always there if somebody feels bad or wants to tell me something.

9.Is there anything outwith these questions you wish to add?

No,have a nice day!


Mean Meme Machine
Comm. Manager
Hi there, and thanks for applying! We'll go ahead and start taking a look at this.


Mean Meme Machine
Comm. Manager
Hi again, and thanks for remaining patient while voting was going on!

While some staff voted in favor of you, a majority of staff either didn't know who you were / had no input, or voted no.
Staff 1 said:
N for samy because he doesn't really strike me as the type who would make mod decisions fairly, plus in the past he would often bug me to set maps when I was on the server, which leads me to believe that he (somewhat) only wants mod to make events
Staff 2 said:
I agree with Staff 1's first point and can confirm the rest as he's done the same to me before too. (Not in a memeish/banter way like most people do).
What reading these two quotes [Which I've made anonymous for obvious reasons...] tells me is that they believe you really only want mod more for the event making capacity rather than wanting to help make sure that you're keeping troublemakers out of our good christian home.

My personal recommendation to you is to maybe stick around awhile longer, see if you can maybe get some good moderating experience somewhere so you can learn what'd be expected of you here, and maybe not pester our staff about map changing as much, though that'd be more for their sake than yours. You know I'm in the discord, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a DM.

On those notes, I will be marking this application as denied. Thanks for applying!
Not open for further replies.