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1. Whereabouts in the world are you from? (Please include the timezone, too!)
-New York, United States (EDT)

2. What position are you applying for?
-Server Mod

3. Why do you feel you are suited for this position?
-Generally, I like spending time on Red Sun and I want to have fun more.

4. How much time do you spend on Red Sun over Paradise?
-About 2-4 Hours depending on work.

5. How much time can you spend on Red Sun over Paradise, if accepted?
-Same thing, about 2-4 Hours.

6. Do you have any relevant experience in this field? If so, please tell us where, and for how long.

7. What could you bring to our team?
-If any other staff ain't available, I can be on to manage, if I can at least.

8. Without going into any specific details, please tell us about yourself.
-I am 16 years old and in Junior year of High School. I tend to do my work first than play Video Games.

9. Is there anything outwith these questions you wish to add?
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Mean Meme Machine
Comm. Manager
Thanks for the application!

I'll go ahead and bring this up with staff and I'll have an answer out as soon as I can!


Mean Meme Machine
Comm. Manager
Hi again!

When I brought up your application to the staff, either they didn’t know you, or didn’t think you’d be a good fit for the moderation team as of current.

My personal recommendation to you is to be more active on the discord and servers, and maybe learn a couple of things about moderation from some friends (Provided they aren’t breaking any rules doing that themselves.)

As such, I will be marking this application as declined, but encourage you to try again in the future.
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