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Senior Dev
Server Moderator
I'll fuckin do it again

Whereabouts in the world are you from? (Please include the timezone, too!)
Germany, CEST

What position are you applying for?
Server Moderator

Why do you feel you are suited for this position?
I am currently one of the most active members in the community and have already proven that I can deal with the responsibilities and elevated privileges/permissions that come with a higher rank.

How much time do you spend on Red Sun over Paradise?
The exact time fluctuates a lot due to work and other duties, but I play on the servers on a daily basis. Even when I'm not on the game server I am typically active on the Discord server.

How much time can you spend on Red Sun over Paradise, if accepted?
Same as now.

Do you have any relevant experience in this field? If so, please tell us where, and for how long.
I was an admin (later head admin) for HmX Gaming from 2013 to 2017. There were no plugin-side measures against rule breakers on these servers, so most of the work was done by me and the other admins. I have dealt with a flood of lenny-spamming screamers before, I have fought in a war. For real though, I know how to effectively use moderation tools given to me without abusing them.

What could you bring to our team?
A person with experience in moderating who is active on both US and EU game servers (as much as my timezone allows it) as well as in the community as a whole. I am usually very helpful and hold no prejudices when it comes to making important decisions. I am also not afraid to use my microphone.

Without going into any specific details, please tell us about yourself.
I change my avatar a lot. I also enjoy programming and, believe it or not, video games.

Is there anything outwith these questions you wish to add?
Should this application get accepted, I will continue to be active as a developer. I just want to help keep the community clean.

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genuinely think this man would make for a great server moderator, met him on raiden a while back and he's been a great guy, he is always down to earth and has been contributing to the community a lot in the short time he has been here.

He is definitely (in my eyes) incredibly passionate about redsun and he seems willing to put in the work to make it better. (Hell tf:go is evidence of that.) Hope to see his app accepted.


again & again
Comm. Manager
Hi Mikusch, thank you for applying for Server Moderator.

I’ve started the initial moderator voting process. We’ll let you know if you’re in the next stage. Shall take a couple days probably.

Tohru Adachi

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I've since processed this through the CMs who'd be happy to add you into the moderator team. Please give it a while for your permissions to update across the site.
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