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i was in a game of vsh on the us gamemode madness server hiding in the map as engie when i was doing this i was build when i was told to move i had explained i was hiding so i could build first before i could finish building the admin (tohru adachi) used the giant hammer on me and gave me a gameplay ban though i said multiple times in chat that i was hiding to build so the hale didn't kill me right away id like to have this ban removed and have possible action taken against (tohru adachi) if possible thank you for reading this and have a nice day.


Tohru Adachi

man of speen
how about you actually listen to my fucking moderators before whining about "muh admin aboose!!!!"

first off I own the fucking server, what I say, goes. If I make a rule demanding you worship best girl Rem, then it's a fucking rule.
If I tell you to stop hiding in a far off corner of the map where you aren't engaging in the main game, then you stop it. Otherwise I deal with you swiftly so I can go back to relaxing gameplay.

Then you have the audacity to not only make an appeal, but NOT TO READ THE FUCKING STICKY. Just how many brain cells have you lost?

Sit out your damn ban, it's 6 days. Think about what you've done, and don't piss me off again, you got that, ya lil' shit?
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