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Hey guys, Magic here, this post is gonna be direct to a certain person that I won't name but it's part of the community and I hope that said person will see this post so please don't comment on this with dumb stuff.
I want to tell you that I'm sorry for hurting you, I thought what I said was a joke but you took it as an insult. I didn't mean to hurt you, I didn't mean those things for real.
I thought it was all a joke but I was wrong.
I'm an asshole and I did hurt you by saying words that for my brain were just innocent jokes.
If you don't want to accept this apology it's okay,that will be a mistake that will make me think about my behaviour.
Perhaps I'm a real asshole and I don't know about that.
I'm not doing is to redeem my name in your eyes, it's a sincere apology because I don't want to lose someone incredible like you.
i'm sorry for being a bad friend

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magic, I hate to be that guy but I do want to bring this up, you are kind of a dick in our dnd campaigns as well. this is not me just trying to hate you. it's a legitimate criticism, you always think you're better than us just because you rolled a better stat block, you are incredibly aggressive (which isn't a problem if that's a character you're rping as.) but you're not, and i'm honestly a little sick of it.

another problem I have with this is that you didn't think this through at all. you just made this post in a hope to regain the trust of said person whom I will keep nameless unless they reveal themselves out of respect for them, they did what they did and you did what you did. but you didn't even take the time to think your damn message through. I frankly don't believe this apology is worth anyone's time, not even yours.

so please, think about this more and don't do something stupid to yourself or do something stupid like making this again. take your time and think about what happened instead of rushing out a plea for forgiveness. think about what you did wrong and then explain why you're going to change and then do it, don't make a half assed apology, and don't run from this or your responsibility by taking the easy way out.

I'm sorry this was rather harsh but I'm frustrated with you at the minute and I hope you can learn from this and we can still be friends.

dm me if you're interested in sorting this out, but read the whole thing first.


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I appreciate that you’re trying to sort stuff out, but personal stuff like this is better kept to DMS or another discord rather than the forums where everyone can be confused.

To encourage you to sort things out face to face and not “anonymously” on the forums, I’ve gone ahead and locked this thread.
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