Actual Introduction

Ur Ugli

BAPgineer GOD
Hey everyone, since i haven't done a proper introduction i figured i would.

I Started to come on redsun in 2016, then went away and came back around august 2018. Some of you must probably know me as i play pretty often on the servers.
I am a weeb, sadly. I enjoy editing videos, more specifically TF2 and i did finally make one fully edited video on my channel. I am also currently working on one that should probably come out in july. I really like talking to people, i almost always want to have a discussion with someone (of some sort). If we can get along then that's even better !
I enjoy eurobeat music, i play surf despite me hating it before (only on redsun though). I like pretty much all gamemodes on redsun, with the exception of freeze tag (yes i like glass attack).