A tribute to Rick may

Forged Identity

the man who says nyeh
View: https://youtu.be/vPZLVON2afc

video credits:

I recorded and edited the clips.

Serrt, CocoTM, Bionicle, Tohru Adachi and all Redsun.tf staff for taking the screenshots and organising the event and the players respectively.

The people in the video themselves. This would've been impossible without you so thank you for coming onto the servers to help with this.

Rick may, for making us fall in love with a patriotic American rocket boy. Godspeed Rick may.

(not sure if this is the right place to upload this but I figured the forums is better than anywhere else. I'll be leaving the video unlisted on my channel for a bit but feel free to share with whoever you like.)


i would also like to say, r.i.p. Rick May
it took a lot for him to be killed, he was a strong man, a real soldier
what an unfortunate hand life dealt him at the end; no one should have to have a stroke, and then be tempted with the thought of life, only to be shot down by this horrific disease
his works shall not be forgotten by those influenced by them,
and his friends, family, and those around him, shall never forget his personality and what he has done

"I did not have permission to die!"
"Give 'em hell boys!
"Screamin' eagles!!"
"You are all weak. You are all bleeders!"

PS: highlight everything to see quotes



The new guy
I'm just glad that we could turn a small idea I had into something that is quite beautiful like this. An image mashup and your clips all work and I'd say it's a good tribute. he made us all happy in some way.
RIP Rick May.