2017 Christmas Loot Thread


Certain people are probably getting their Christmas presents already for various reasons (such as me) so I'm starting a threat for the purpose of showing what people got this year.

I'll start.
  • Hulon Drawing Tablet
  • Razer Deathadder Elite Mouse
  • Digimon Xros Wars Blue
  • Steam Link
  • Headphone case
  • Sandals
Also expecting more stuff to arrive soon so I'll update this whether its the case or not.


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For Christmas, I'm actually stupidly happy with this years.
I ended up unboxing..

• a PS4 Pro (since my previous one got stolen.)
• Kurieg Coffee Brewer
• two blankets
• $240 (so I can buy computer parts.)
• Extra cash to buy Monster Hunter World for the PS4.

That's about it.

Count Sexulus

New Trainers
New Monitor
£42.50 (£40.00 of it donated to redsun, the rest on fish and chips)
more money on the way probably
A ring of some kind from my nan that im probably getting after christmas
clothes an sheit

Lvl. 100 Spycrab

name paint guru
sanic farces
a shitton of best buy gift cards for fuck knows why
2 steam gift cards
new monitor
new keyboard
sonic motherfucking boom
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I got a Hori Stand for my Switch and Puyo Tetris, Disgaea 5 Complete and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


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  • An Xbox One controller (since my previous one broke)
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
  • A Nintendo Switch (Which was intended for both me and my sister)
  • Super Mario Odessy


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new phone, galaxy s8 (WAY overkill for what I do on my phone but that might change in the future)
new chair for desk since mine is too small
some clothes, random assortment of small things that my parents thought I would like (they got me a Ms. Pac Man cabinet as a key chain...)


The Accidental Necrobumper
A PS4 with 3 Games and Just Dance 2018.
A New 2DS XL and Pokémon Ultra Moon.
Some knitted owls to hang in my door.
2 PS move controllers
A t-shirt and pants.


i was given some bedsheets, an art tablet, and pretty much that. a few people i know are sending packages, which are neat. don’t know what’s in them though but at least i got a few shots of christmas depresso because i didn’t have anyone to even spend it with as usual.
oh yea, i also got an unusual hat for heavy from the secret Santa here if that counts


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a fancy new cool amazing spicy gaming chair for when i finally move next week-ish and ordered some aliexpress* stuff myself as a post-xmas gift or smth.

  • persona 5 custom tailored hoodie from my usual chinese buyer (wanted to go for a generic one first, but i rather pay 15 euros more for some TOP NOTCH)
  • glowing glasses for parties
  • glow in the dark laces mint
  • persona 5 shirts that are obviously not endorsed but hey, Atlus, you got EU people with no access to merch!


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All I got was Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2. Better than getting nothing as I enjoy the original PvZ.

Alpha Spectre

Insert witty title here

New pair of headphones
Some clothes, namely hoodies
a big ass jacket
and some more stuff I'm still waiting on

Overall good stuff.

Eddy The Mean Old Yeti

probably the most hated here
-SNES Classic
-New phone
-Overwatch merch
-Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce shirt that i didnt ask for
-3 different GameStop gift cards, a PlayStation gift card, and some money

Still havent gotten everything but good year overall


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I got a Switch with a copy of Odyssey to go with it, a pocket multi-tool, lotta dosh, and some gift cards.


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  • Copy of ‘Restaurant at the End of the Universe’
  • Huge blanket
  • Smaller blanket
  • Switch
  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • $20 Steam Monies
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