1. The Ground Is Burning

    Class Specific Taunt Effects & Sounds + Effects Separation

    To elaborate: Adding a system to where you can use, say The True Carlton on the Scout, but then The Big Bad Wulf on the Heavy, both at the same time. I would also like to mention a system that if a taunt does not have an effect, only a sound clip, then it should be able to equip an effect.
  2. Ezekiel

    Inventory Visual Bug [Mobile]

    When you first click on an item in mobile, the description flashes, then flickers and disappears. When you click on the item a second time the description comes back. If you click on a different item and then back, bug occurs as well. Using an iPhone 5s on Google Chrome application.
  3. Ezekiel

    Sorting Options for Loadout Inventory

    Title. This would make it easier to find items if one doesn't feel like using the filtering options. It would also help with the new look as you'd be able to clean up your messy inventory. Suggested sorting options: Quality (self explanatory) Crafting (bad option, but would be nice to find...
  4. Ezekiel

    Sound Previews Regardless of Current BP Count

    Hello. I've noticed that sound previews are only given to you if you have enough Battle Points to purchase that item. For me, and I believe many others, this makes it harder to know exactly what item we want, or want to work up to. It may also cause us to work up for something we come to...
  5. Damascus

    On redsun.tf, consider showing the next map on the server list

    https://i.gyazo.com/0de69e0e6cb04c39cce75c39be19ad57.png Is where im talking about. If it doesn't look too difficult, it would be nice to show the map coming next. Maybe something easier: show current game time?