1. BagelBites

    A former hello!

    Hi there! I have been on redsun for quite sometime but never been on the forums a lot. I like to use my mic to talk to people (even though i feel like my voice bothers people). I really like this community and have made friends with people in the community (and would like to make more). also...
  2. Muffinoota

    Finally introducing myself

    Hello! My name is Muffinoota, some call me Ian ( Ee-uhn), or just Muffin works. I'm a former Slag regular (Slagular???) because there was once a time when I lived for Parkour Fortress. I'm starting college this fall for Computer Engineering. If any of you are interested in programming, and don't...
  3. bungthebadger

    Hi | I bet i'm necroposting aren't I?

    Anyways let's get down to business. Hi, my name is bungthebadger, but everyone calls me bung, and that's fine. I'm a friendly happy fun person who likes to get along with people, and makes friends with, and I love being social, and being a somewhat meme, but not, so much. Anyways you might be...