1. Ur Ugli

    Dr_Playstation 120%

    This is only an idea, but it would be cool if we got a special event where we tried to get 120% on dr_playstation and get a special event only badge for that (limited of course). The map is actually really well done even if pepole hate on it, so i would think it would be fun to try and do this.
  2. 42

    Deathrun dr_etard

    don't you hate on how redsun have many shitty deathrun maps? don't you hate on how maps look ugly? don't you hate on how maps don't even have a minigame? don't you hate on how many voted deathrun only just for a small chance to be a badge map? Then you sure will hate this map even more...
  3. Juni

    Deathrun Space Colony

    Dr. Baboon's Space Colony Also known as that other monkey ball map
  4. NateVB_04

    I need ideas for a Deathrun map based on Redsun & it's community

    Hello! I am working on a RedSun Deathrun Map and I need ideas because I don't know what would be fitting for what. I can also livestream my progress somewhere if that would help. So far, these are the things I need to know: Theme of each trap The motivator How long the map should be Go here...
  5. Ham_

    Deathrun Deathrun lasts far too long

    I'm making this thread in regards to the map time for Deathrun, I and a few others feel that Deathrun just lasts too long. 20 minutes of the same map over and over just gets way too repetitive and I either just go afk, or leave until it's over. You can only do the same thing so many times in a...