1. .:An0wlW!z@rd:.

    Cowmangler on Flowy Minigames

    As the title states, you can use the cowmangler in the Flowy boss map minigames. This is done by using the right-click attack of the Cowmangler while the Minigame is loading. If you time it right, (it's easy, you just have to charge the shot when the warning sound appears for the fourth time)...
  2. Ezekiel

    Inventory Visual Bug [Mobile]

    When you first click on an item in mobile, the description flashes, then flickers and disappears. When you click on the item a second time the description comes back. If you click on a different item and then back, bug occurs as well. Using an iPhone 5s on Google Chrome application.
  3. Dualie Woolie

    Glass Attack bug with the Tribalman's Shiv

    Is this a bug or what? Everytime I shoot the glass by accident trying to aim for headshots, I bleed for 5 seconds. I am guessing it is with shiv equipped. The bleed lasts for so long, you essentially at only 25 percent health by the end of it's duration. Can someone look into this?
  4. Heroin Hero

    Versus Saxton Hale Bonk Bug(?)

    If you are last man on VSH as scout and use bonk. it wont give you uber but it gives you the normal effect of bonk. I'm not sure if it's bug or intented.
  5. Heroin Hero

    GunGame A bug with Necro hammer

    Today when i was playing gungame on raiden. i found a bug about necro hammer and projectiles. If you are holding Necro hammer while you have pills or stickys on ground ( may have same effect for RL, Huntsman and xbow ) your kill on opponent is counted as necro smash kill and downgrades your...