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  1. Tohru Adachi

    what the fuck are you on about

    what the fuck are you on about
  2. Tohru Adachi

    Salutations associates

    dont think i've seen you in-game then again i don't remember half the shit that goes on
  3. Tohru Adachi

    red text

    red text
  4. Tohru Adachi

    Deathrun dr_magicmissile

    boring i want me a real magicmissile update where's the loud nigras, boy
  5. Tohru Adachi

    Thread ratings temporarily disabled

    We've recently updated our forum software to a new major version. Sadly, it's broken quite a few things, one of those being the ratings system. Fortunately, there's an inbuilt ratings/reactions system inbuilt within the software which we're working on converting at the moment. It should be back...
  6. Tohru Adachi

    Dodgeball tfdb_room21

    imgur albums should auto-embed here so you dont really need to hide it behind a link, otherwise good stuff
  7. Tohru Adachi

    Application for GeeNoVoid

    Any reason why?
  8. Tohru Adachi

    Application for GeeNoVoid

    Think I mentioned this before but you can only really apply for the mod/dev positons, if you get bumped up that's usually at my discretion If you want to go ahead and amend this for general mod i'll run the formalities through since i know you're good
  9. Tohru Adachi

    Any tips for using Hammer?

    @Alex Turtle is our most known mapper here i think he could give you a pointer or two
  10. Tohru Adachi

    Not Accepted Oh boy here we go again

    @Waifers no that's my specialty @GeeNoVoid i know you're already on staff but please keep it in line thanks locked
  11. Tohru Adachi

    About Time: An Introduction

  12. Tohru Adachi

    About Time: An Introduction

    bepis that is all
  13. Tohru Adachi

    remove kebab REMOVE KEBAB

    remove kebab REMOVE KEBAB
  14. Tohru Adachi

    Hello Gamers

    I'm the ex-Slag moderator/developer that started this place. It's not what it used to be but it's alright.
  15. Tohru Adachi

    Server Update Server update and maintenance for January 22/23

    We expect to place the servers and website into maintenance close to 23:30 UTC, along with access to the Loadout and Forums. Planned maintenance may take up to a few hours to complete. Major changes: VSH:Rewrite will now be pushed to active rotation. The current version of Versus...
  16. Tohru Adachi

    Invalid Format last attempt at a ban appeal

    @VoidBlitz use the invalid format tag, those imply denial also, READ THE FUCKING STICKIES YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE
  17. Tohru Adachi

    Yes i'm a nerd

    nice attempt at xss don't try it
  18. Tohru Adachi

    VS Saxton Hale Rewrite: Feedback/Suggestion/Discussion Megathread

    We pushed a big update with the anti-camp dome recently, as such I'm bumping this up and pinning so players can leave feedback regardless of last post date until we hit stable release.
  19. Tohru Adachi

    more disappointment

    more disappointment
  20. Tohru Adachi

    Disable (certain) coins in MicroTf2

    The mode is limited to special selection for this very reason. The staff ideally shouldn't be selecting it willy nilly (and have been told not to) because there are changed being made to both the plugin and the map soon that will require more than just convar edits.