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  1. Drakonis

    Map Cycle Suggestion & Fix Request thread

    Requesting to remove szf_mandrillmazev11_jugfix2 - The map is very redundant and repetitive. You only go in a zigzag while moving forward and nothing else. Nothing special about it. - We already have enough mandrill related maps - The map is way too short without variety, the boss is not even a...
  2. Drakonis

    Not a bug Collectors In Chat

    I would have said your right if you were, the collector on this server actually have strange capacitys (counting kills) and in normal tf2 a collector strange will show up ranking in chat.
  3. Drakonis

    Not a bug Collectors In Chat

    So, basically only DB kits will ever show up in chat ? Is that what you mean ? I don't understand why changing the collectors would harm anything.
  4. Drakonis

    Not a bug Collectors In Chat

    I get that a collector can make stranges trivial but that would be true if a lot of collectors were owned and the only collector pepole probably own is db kits and not normal items, if i'm collecting 20 items and taking some time for it, i would at least want it to show up in chat, because for a...
  5. Drakonis

    Not a bug Collectors In Chat

    I mean, i wasn't reporting a bug but asking for it to be like that.
  6. Drakonis

    Not a bug Collectors In Chat

    Hey, so i'm the one guy who's been collecting a lot of items to make them collector and i got a collector coach ! (yay). But the problem is, it doesn't show in chat like normal stranges, so that's a bit sad considering i worked hard to get all of them to only be seen by me. What i ask is make...
  7. Drakonis

    Collector coach.

    Attention all redsun gamers. I'm in grand danger, i am currently at 15 coachs but for the collector i need 20. All you need to do to help me is send me a pm and trade your coach to me for a certain ammount of bp or even items. Thanks. Id is: UrUgli
  8. Drakonis

    VS Saxton Hale Rewrite: Feedback/Suggestion/Discussion Megathread

    Maybe replace the pyro airblast resistance with the same airblast freshrate than the Dragon's fury, this way everyone will have to know when is the right time to airblast and not just spam it.
  9. Drakonis

    Adding dr_technoir V2 impossible to the rotation

    I'd think it would be nice if this map gets added on the dr rotations since it's a really cool map. It will change us from bad maps such as dr_aconian. The map itself is challenging (like steamwork, same difficulty i'd say) Just a little suggestion to get better maps.
  10. Drakonis

    T'is I, Yoshi.

    Flexing with surf badges smh. Welcome matey, have a fun time in the shitfest that is redsun.
  11. Drakonis

    Getting into the Spooky mood!

    Changed mine, on my steam account
  12. Drakonis

    Dr_Playstation 120%

    Some server actually went and do this, it's fun. It would use the full potential of the map that we can barely see.
  13. Drakonis

    Best Smexual of all times ?

    For me it's View: Has a lot of work into it and some funny shit
  14. Drakonis

    Dr_Playstation 120%

    This is only an idea, but it would be cool if we got a special event where we tried to get 120% on dr_playstation and get a special event only badge for that (limited of course). The map is actually really well done even if pepole hate on it, so i would think it would be fun to try and do this.