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  1. Krizis

    BomberMod bm_minecraft

    sorry not sorry BSP download (~2MB) (current version: beta) TO-DO LIST: - allow bombs to go above bedrocks/cobblestones because atm it doesn't do that and it's quite annoying - increase HDR a little bit - increase custom music's volume even more - remove herobrine
  2. Krizis

    Dodgeball tfdb_room21

    A replica of that one overrated stage from Lethal League, now in TFDB form! (yeah the screenshots are still JPEG because steam is retarded and won't save PNG copies) View: If you think this map needs improvements/has certain bugs, don't hesitate to tell me. P.S...
  3. Krizis

    Action Taken Ban Appeal - ID: 2423

    Ban ID: 2423 Reason to remove the ban: I know it says the ban is permanent but now that I've grown up I realized the mistakes I've caused and I'm genuinely sorry for the weird things I've done at the time of my ban. I barely remember all the bans I've gotten because the permanent one happened a...