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  1. Muthix

    What was your thought on the sonic movie, and or the newer video game movies?

    As of the recent years video game movies seem to have been becoming decent unlike past files (mario). I thought the sonic movie was pretty nice, and i was just wondering what others think of it. (my only problem was the large amount of pop culture refereances).
  2. Muthix

    I'm not bored like zane, but I am open for questions

    Hi yes, I think it would be interesting to answer questions when i don't think many of you know me well.
  3. Muthix

    Your opinion on Thanksgiving and Christmas?

    Since spooky month has ended, what are your thoughts on what some consider the biggest holiday of the year, and the other being a smaller one.
  4. Muthix

    Tf2 servers now

    This is just a general question, but why is it more tf2 community servers keep on being disappointing? like black wonder and globe's servers. Their moderation can be garbage and have the dumbest rules or policies. Like black wonder a rule is you can't call out and undercover admin.
  5. Muthix

    Slice of life update

    Most people know this already but there is no way to view badges unless you look at someone who has them already, is there no way to bring back the old list of badges on the redsun site? this normally helped me and other mark down which badges we can try and get or just know what badges there...
  6. Muthix

    Unwanted items

    I have always been thinking this but would it ever be possible to sell items we don't want to the store for a lower price they normally go for? or atleast when we delete an item get a very small amount of bp to compensate? I have a lot of items i don't use nor want but i don't want to just...
  7. Muthix

    what is your favorite gamemode either in general or on redsun.

    I am quite curious to know since I always see very different opinions on different modes. I personally love freak fortress/vsh or death run.
  8. Muthix

    Not Accepted Application for muthix

    1.) I live in america, eastern time 2.) I am applying for mod 3.) I would be suited for this position because I am able to handle serious situation when it is needed even in a very joking environment( like if there was an event but a problem came up, I can try and solve it so the event isn't...