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  1. Alex Turtle

    Super Zombie Fortress szf_turtle_defense

    Turtle Defense is a direct sequel to Turtle Attack, set 1 year after the original events, your team has finally located the rogue turtle who has taken over an alien planet. Your objective, stop him at all costs! New pickups, new bosses and custom NPCs roaming around the map to stop you in this...
  2. Alex Turtle

    Mapping for the Bomberman Gamemode

    I'll make it very simple as it is in my opinion an easy kind of mod to map for. Get the example VMF map and you'll get an idea on how it's set up: Example VMF Gameplay Video: Basically, here's the entities for the mod: A team_round_timer is mandatory to manage time. It's always 2 minutes no...
  3. Alex Turtle

    Bombermod Feedback/Suggestion/Discussion

    Hello, If you wanted to say anything about Bombermod then you've come to the right place. Intended Gameplay A Battle Royale Bomberman where there can be only one RED has a sticky launcher and with the help of powerups, must defeat every other RED If you die as RED, you become BLU equipped...
  4. Alex Turtle

    Super Zombie Fortress szf_skyrim

    Current version: a6 Todo: -Add the boss -Redo the whole mountain part -Add more special items Feedback, bug report goes here.
  5. Alex Turtle

    osu! code reveals peppy takes screenshots of your computer (sorta but not really, read inside) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa someone call 911 because some australian dude took screenshots of me browsing /furry/
  6. Alex Turtle

    Undertale map

    Singleplayer release thread: I guess it would be easier for everyone to follow my progress if I make a thread for this. In case you live under a cave, we are talking about this map: The gameplay in my...
  7. Alex Turtle


    I make maps and has a fetish about writing things in vomit green that's all you need to know