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  1. Sympathetic

    Versus Saxton Hale vsh_shiri_peak

    RSEX:B1:wrn// XX/XX/20XX ;; 19:27 ;; - HALE ATTACK ALERT - A CLASS-4 HB Entity has been detected on south perimeter of the A.S.S.A.U.L.T. Headquarters. Calling all local personnel for immediate action... // The renovation is complete, and a new enemy appears. Climb on rooftops for...
  2. Sympathetic

    PropHunt ph_shiri_peak

    A covert group of elite agents under RS Engineering has requested assistance. Their new HQ is being infested with mimics. They cannot continue operations until rogue living props have been eradicated from the premises. Don't wanna spoil too much with screenshots, all I'm gonna say is that this...
  3. Sympathetic

    Mystery Map koth_Aurora_mansion

    On an idylic sandy coast, in the mythical faraway land known as Bahamas, an old pink villa stands. Once a summer getaway for the Duke of Windsor, now a relic of the collonial age, left to decay away from modern tourist resorts in silence. But that has changed recently, when a foreign investor...
  4. Sympathetic

    Versus Saxton Hale vsh_rocketyard (Now in b2!)

    Nobody's gun game favourite gets a vsh sequel. Featuring same old scrappy military base with a new open area, less clutter, night brightness, cable lights, disco room, more beer and a not-so-secret DJ bunker! Download b1: NEW: Download b2...
  5. Sympathetic

    Smash Fortress sb_iron_temple_b3

    A semi-symetrical smash fortress map with industrial-fantasy theme. Don't fall into molten steel! Download b1: Download b2: NEW: Download b3:
  6. Sympathetic

    GunGame gg_rocketyard_b2

    A large arena map with outdoor junkyard, smaller buildings and multi-leveled indoor arenas. Screenshots: Further on I'm going to improve some things like the cramped doorways and add a proper skybox, but I'd also like to get some player feedback before releasing next version. If it turns...
  7. Sympathetic

    GunGame Rocketyard

    Basically, I've been working on a map for this gamemode in my spare time. It's almost finished, but I will let the expert have his word on it before it's done. For @Frosty Scales:
  8. Sympathetic

    Do I have to do this again?

    Well, can't hurt. Hello again.